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Two young "hippie" bikers| Wyatt and Billy sell some dope in Southern California| stash their money away in their gas-tank and set off for a trip across America| on their own personal odyssey looking for a way to lead their lives. On the journey they encounter bigotry and hatred from small-town communities who despise and fear their non-conformism. However Wyatt and Billy also discover people attempting 'alternative lifestyles' who are resisting this narrow-mindedness| there is always a question mark over the future survival of these drop-out groups. The gentle hippie community who thank God for 'a place to stand' are living their own unreal dream. The rancher they encounter and his Mexican wife are hard-pushed to make ends meet. Even LSD turns sour when the trip is a bad one. Death comes to seem the only freedom. When they arrive at a diner in a small town| they are insulted by the local rednecks as weirdo degenerates. They are arrested on some minor pretext by the local sheriff and ...

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